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Hi there!

We are official partner of JivoChat, the unique live web chat. Start turning site visitors into customers today!
Simply install Live Chat on your website and turn your visitors into paying customers with JivoChat, or you can always call us to help.

As you guys might noticed we have installed this genius tool to our web site as well, and I would like to share with you why and how.
The idea to get one more communication channel directly at our page, at the end became a “few clicks task”. However it didn’t look so easy at the beginning. In first phase we agreed that we need the possibility to discuss with our clients about specific questions they had regarding our content portfolio. We were looking for some solution and ready to pay the developer to create something quicker than email.

The idea of easy to install free web chats came from my best friend, who told me about various similar solutions available absolutely free of charge. Starting from my first readiness to pay the php developer I was doubting, but started to explore that Free Of Charge possibility too.
After whole day of surfing and reading I realized that there are a lot of similar web chat tools, and also with no cost!! I was amazed, and immediately forgot that “evil” developer.  🙂

No matter how much I compared all the free solutions (and I’m not going to list them), I always got back to Jivo Chat. It looked very friendly and we decided to install it. I have called my web administrator and gave him the task to check their page and see when could he finish the job. Thirty minutes later I got the email form him. It’s done!
I was pleasantly surprised and started to play with it and to familiarize with all the functionalities. This genius product come with desktop application, web application and mobile (IoS, Android) app as well. Ok, I said, everything installed and works. And they still didn’t required any payment. Still suspicious I have continued to test it. The overall look, colors, site position, agent picture etc. Shortly I have realized that in a day we got the web chat we needed with possibility to receive the messages at the mobile phone. Everything worked perfectly.

I was very satisfied and started to discuss with their online customer support about other possibilities of the product. They explained me that with first installation we got 14 days free trial with full functionalities, with forever free of charge basic functionality after that period. I was curious and during this test period I tried it all.

Jivo Chat showed me how you can increase your business with it, and how easy is to get familiar with your customers. One of the best features is visitor location and  what page of web site they are viewing. You can contact them directly offering the product or service they are currently watching.

I realized that there is a possibility to create automatic triggers (proactive invitations), different for every page and let the software do first steps for you.

It showed as fast tool for online communication especially because of the sneak-peek mode, which shows you the customer’s message before being sent.

I could probably write a whole day in order to mention all of features that comes with it, but I think the best way is to check it by yourselves.

Of course, If you need any help or assistance and you would like to have this brilliant tool don’t hesitate to contact us.
Because we like it so much, we decided to became the partner with JivoChat and represent them in Serbia.

Thank you Jivo Chat!